Secondary Glazing can be fitted to most windows and some doors and provides effective noise insulation, thermal and draught insulation and can add enhanced security.

Available in white, self colour (silver) and brown, secondary glazing is suitable for all types of buildings, schools, colleges, universities, offices, listed buildings, conservation areas, commercial buildings and homes.

And, because of the inherent strength of aluminium the framing sections are considerably  smaller than that of timber or PVCu sections.

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secondary glazing on sash window
secondary glazing flat
secondary glazing on bay window upstairs
secondary glazing on bay window
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secondary glazing office

I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the secondary glazing/ new kitchen window and how great your team was. I really appreciated Paul waiting for me to get back before showing me everything and making some final adjustments to the front ones. The secondary glazing unit on the landing is making a particular difference to the road noise and insulation.

Karen and Nick Vaughan.

Quality Supply and Installation

At Ridon, we can supply – or supply and fit –  a comprehensive range of styles of secondary glazing for almost every application. From fixed units, hinged windows, lift-out units, horizontal sliders and balanced vertical sliders.

Fixed Light Secondary Windows

Fixed Light Secondary Glazing SouthamptonThese fixed secondary window units offer maximum light for your home or office and are generally used over openings in combination with other secondary window units.

Fixed light secondary windows should not be fitted to windows or window units that require access for escape purposes as they have no facility to open for quick escape.

Hinged Light Secondary Windows

secondary hinged windowsHinged secondary windows allow full access to the outer window.  They are neat with no transom or mullions to obscure the view.

This style of secondary window unit can be used on some doors but there must be clearance for curtains, ceiling bulkheads, etc.

Lift Out Secondary Windows

lift out secondary windowsLift out secondary window units offer a practical solution for windows which are rarely used or over openings in combination with other secondary units.  The glazed panel can be lifted out of the frame when access is needed for cleaning or maintenance. Again consideration needs to be made with regards means of escape and ventilation.

Horizontal Sliding Secondary Windows

sliding secondary windowsThe Horizontal Slider is undoubtedly the most used type of secondary glazing. Its uses are widespread and can be applied to the domestic home through to historic buildings.

Horizontal Sliders blend unobtrusively with most types of existing windows. They are generally in two, three or four panelled versions.

Highly effective sealing qualities are combined with easy opening action. The security issue is further enhanced with the use of catches and locks that can only be opened from the inside.

Vertical Sliding Secondary Windows

vertical sliding secondary windowsVertical sliding units are ideal for traditional sash windows and are particularly suited to the refurbishment or upgrade of listed buildings.The sliding sashes are attached to spring balances and are easily opened to any position.

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