Care and Maintenance

Although replacement PVCu window and door products are predominately maintenance free, the following guidelines should help to ensure that you receive many trouble free years.


Due to normal operation and atmospheric conditions, the moving parts of the windows and doors may require lubrication.

Keep plates, locks and hinges of windows and doors would benefit from a light application of oil/grease or similar to the contact area of moving parts.

As a general rule, lubrication should be carried out once every 9 to 12 months subject to usage.

NB: Under no circumstances attempt to dismantle any components, this will affect your warranty.  If you require assistance please ring for advice.


White PVCu Frames.

Under normal circumstances the washing down of window and door profiles/sections with diluted washing up liquid and water will be sufficient. However, where more stubborn marks or a build up of atmospheric grime exist, a non abrasive cleaner designed for PVCu should be used.

Apply the cleaner to the affected area using a dry clean soft cloth. Use sparingly applying gentle pressure in small circular motions. Buff to a shine.

Woodgrain PVCu Frames.

Use only washing up liquid and water.

NB: Under no circumstances use any other cleaner than one that has been recommended.

Other cleaners that have not been recommended may have an adverse effect on the surface finish of your windows and doors.

Friction Stays

The majority of opening windows are fitted with friction stays which are a type of hinge that controls the opening of the window itself.  This is factory fitted so that the window neither closes under its own weight or is overly difficult to open or close.  After a period of time, the friction pad may wear making the opener loose in its operation.  Take a small bladed screwdriver and turn the screw by half a turn clockwise.  The adjustment should be made equally to each pair of friction hinges.  If this adjustment is insufficient then carry on turning the screw half a turn at a time until the desired amount of friction is achieved.  If the opener is very stiff in operation, turn the screw by a quarter turn anticlockwise until desired result is achieved.

NB: If you have any difficulty in making these adjustments please contact us.


These details are a guide line to help you.  The contents given on our Care & Maintenance page are given in good faith and are, to the best of our knowledge, an accurate description of the care and operation of the windows and doors you may have installed.

However we can not be held responsible for any inaccuracies that might be contained and for the subsequent results.


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Stay Safe.